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Farewell, Nokia


So well, the inevitable has happened. What was once the largest mobile manufacturer in the world, a beloved brand name in India, one whose familiar ringtone chirped across 5 continents, has been totally destroyed and is being sold for peanuts. For over 6 years, I've owned Nokia phones, changing them on an average every year, each time moving up to the latest and greatest in camera and hardware. Most of the photos on this blog, and the posts tagged 'mobile', were composed on a Nokia device. And every time I've changed phones, I've blogged about it here, or written reviews about it.

There's a lot more detail in this blog post, but looking back it suffices to say that Nokia's fate was sealed when they hired Stephen Elop as CEO. The man probably holds a world record for trashing a company from market leader to nobody in record time. Nokia simply killed itself overnight and handed over its market to Samsung, which occupies the niche that it once did.

I remember the day I read the news of Elop's infamous 'burning platform' memo, where he openly trashed Symbian and announced that the company was switching to the utterly useless at that point Windows Phone. This may sound dramatic, but it felt like hearing about a favorite celebrity being assassinated. In one stroke, everything that I loved about Nokia was dead and gone. I knew from that moment that the company was doomed, that they had utterly betrayed their customer base - whether loyal Symbian users, low end budget phone users from the Third World. And for what? A shot at the moronically primitive US market, by squeezing on a mobile OS so crappy and restricted that the iPhone looks good beside it. Windows Phone is a joke and remains so.

At the time, I had the Nokia N8. I loved the sturdy aluminium construction, the jaw dropping 12 megapixel camera & Xenon flash, the built in offline maps with free voice navigation (that Google rolled out only recently in India). 3 months later, that phone would be stolen from my pocket while on a crowded bus. The day it was stolen was the day I realized my last connection to Nokia was gone for good. Android was the obvious and only alternative, as another multitasking and freely customizable OS. Since then I've owned 2 Android flagship devices (catch me dead with an iPhone!) with gorgeous displays and 3D graphics that heat up to 60°C, gobble down 3G data without a care in the world and die out within 6 hours unless you turn off everything.

If things had gone according to Nokia's original plan, today I'd be carrying around a proper Linux based Meego device with all of Nokia's strengths and a battery that doesn't give up the ghost before the day is done. Sadly that was never to be.

I sign off with a suitably apt music track.


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Sep. 5th, 2013 06:58 am (UTC)
le sigh
All my phones so far were Nokias except the HTC and look how much it's hanging, losing charge when it's barely been a year since I bought it. There's no comparing Nokia's sound/music quality either, except to the iPhone's sound/music quality.

Btw the Windows Phone UI has evolved a lot, and a lot of ppl are switching to it, it's not crappy anymore. Even Apple admits they're good. But yeah, apne pair pe kulhaadi as far as Symbian goes. >.< bleh.
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